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My friend mailed me some hex numbers and told that, It’s a zip. Can you help me to covert the these numbers to zip and get the flag? note:- all letters are lowercase and underscore between words formate:- vulncon{}

Author - 5h4rk


The file has a lot of hex numbers separated by commas and new lines. I changed it to be like this:


Then I used echo -ne "\x50\x4B\x03\x04\x14\x00\x00\x00\x08..." > file.zip to create the zip file from it. It is indeed a zip file as can be seen by the file’s magic numbers. Unziping it gives a password protected PDF file.

To get the password, I used John the Ripper to bruteforce it:

$ df2john.pl encrption.pdf > pdf.hash
$ john pdf.hash

The password found was “butterfly”. By opening the PDF, there is some text from a different alphabet and an image from Game of Thrones.

The alphabet is actually from the dragon language in The Elder Scrolls. It translates to vulneyondraeyonieyiseyool

Knowing the flag format, it was possible to derive it by changing the “ey” to “c” and separating the words as requested in the description: